Fan Super League, the first foray into the online gaming industry by its holding company, Winning Combo Private Limited. Founded in 2018, FSL, as it is popularly known, focuses on providing an exciting and engaging fantasy gaming experience to its users.

With only 3 months from the launch date, it has created a wave among existing fantasy gaming users. FAN SUPER LEAGUE better known as (FSL) is not just a fantasy gaming app but slowly and gradually it shall support real sports in a small city and focus on raw rural performers and bring such people in the spotlight who shall be able to show their natural sports talent to the world and represent our nation in worldwide sporting events. We want our fans to be indirectly sponsoring this cause by just playing the simple game of skill on our platform.

FSL boasts of the best connectivity to its users, who they call as their FSL Family, by way of excellent customer connectivity and support. Innovating various contests and models to help fantasy gaming users win prizes using their gaming knowledge and skills form the core values for its multiplayer sports fantasy gaming app.

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